Maybe I Shouldn’t Judge People

I’ve learned a lot over the past few years.

I remember when I first left my small-ass-town in the middle of nowhere, I held the entire village with contempt. I hated it when I left. I hated the people, the environment, the lack of “intellectuals” and “artists,” (Ya, that’s how I thought at the time; mad corny and pretentious, I know).

However, after living in the city for the last 6 years, I’ve realized that my old town and the people I grew up with really weren’t that bad.

Back home, a lot of my old friends are settled into their job or their careers and they’ve already got families and a house. My cousin, for example, is the best example of this, considering he has his own construction business at the age of 26 as well as a wife and kid. My old man was telling me that he had been taking over all of the business there and has been hustling like mad.

However, there’s a lot of people here who have “dreams” and “ambitions” and to be honest, not everyone can succeed at them. In fact, most people fail, and they fail hard.

I met a girl recently who was 31-years-old; lives with her two sisters in a tiny broke-ass apartment; she has no lucrative job; no car; and no family.

I’m not talking smack about her, I’m merely describing her situation.

I meet people like that a lot here. They’re all on the wrong side of 30 and they have nothing to show for it; no car, no money, no house, no skills, and no family.

They have been chasing a dream but not actually working at it!

They’re all holding out for something better but it never came.

If you’re going to hold out, you have to WORK at it. That is the key.

The point I’m getting at is, having a clear path set out for you is actually much better than half-assedly chasing your “dream.”

A lot of the people I grew up with are settled into their lives. Their lives are, what you could describe as, “average,” but you know what? These people are happy and fulfilled!

Do I really have the right to judge those people?

They have what they want and they’ve accepted their limitations and sought out personal responsibility by performing a duty for an employer and nurturing a family.

There’s nothing wrong with settling into a good job and starting a family.

With all of that being said, I’m going to be 30-years-old soon, and I better kick my ass into gear because there are things that I want to do with my life.







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