Last Night I Was With A Persian Girl

A couple of weeks ago, I was at work at the club. That night, there was a private event so the place was packed. Normally, It’s my job to bring clients into the venue.

However, I was working the door which I often hate.

The building is a three-story-complex; there’s a big stairwell from downstairs where another bar is. Our venue is at the very top. Customers have no choice but to come up those stairs, so I was standing at the top of them, scanning people’s tickets, and telling people how much to pay and stopping assholes who want to get in for free.

The best part of this job is you get to see every hot chick coming into the place. For real, so you get to pick which girls you’re going to hit on. It’s jolly-good-fun.

Because it was a private event – a Bollywood-themed party – there were all kinds of brown girls there, which I’m into. Some of those chicks are unbelievably beautiful with their black hair and brown eyes, goddamn.

Anyway, there was one girl who I noticed rocking a really tight gray dress, brown eyes, dark-dark brown hair, you know, Persian. When she walked up and down the stairs the one time, I tried to stop her but she ignored me.

Not long after, she came up another time and I did it again, except this time I got right up in her face. After saying “hi,” she flashed me a big smile and seemed interested, so I just grabbed her while putting my arm around her waist and pulled her in close.

When I said “hi”, the way she responded to me let me know that I could be aggressive like that, in case you’re thinking I’m a creep or something.

I went straight for the kill basically, and I told her that I wanted to take her out for a drink sometime, and she’s like, “Ok!”  She was on her way out of the venue, so I kissed her on the cheek when she left, which I initially regretted, but clearly, she didn’t mind.

Fast-forward to last night, and we meet up for drinks. She was just getting off work so she was looking very business-like: super sexy.

She works as an accountant where there’s a strict dress code.

We went to a much better place than I originally intended because she was looking too good for the place I was originally planning to take her to.

At first, when we were talking, I wasn’t sure if I was really into her personality. She seemed overly conservative and straight like an arrow.

But when we got talking about Afghanistan – which is where she’s from – she opened up about her family, her friends, and what life is like in general.

She was telling me about being Persian, Muslim, and a young girl in a new country.

We sat across from each other on an outside patio just on the exterior of the bar. We both had two drinks; two glasses of wine for her, and two Jack Daniel’s for me. After we left, I walked her home, and while we were waiting at the crosswalk, I kissed her.

I marched her up into my apartment, before she asked, “where are we going?” and I’m like “I’m taking you home.”


When we got up there, that was it, case closed.

It was a job well done.




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