Why Does Kylie Jenner Never Smile?

As a part of my job writing for an entertainment news website, I have to look at a lot of celebrities and anything related to popular culture icons, including presidents, celebs, actors, actresses, musicians, or any one who is a public figure essentially.

Anytime I visit another website, I see pictures of Kylie Jenner everywhere. Seriously, that chick is so famous, it’s ridiculous, and in every picture, she has this resting face that’s starting to get on my nerves.

I’m just like, “Smile bitch! You’re famous!”

I was wondering earlier what it would be like to be that famous. I’m sure there are problems and circumstances a person would never think of.

I’ve noticed there always in court over lawsuits I consider to be frivolous, to say the least. It’s kind of like what Biggie Smalls says, “More money, more problems.”

When you’re on top, everyone just wants to see you come down.

There’s always something around the corner you would never expect.

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