What Does It Take To Be Good At Something?

This is going to be some cringe-self-development type of writing, so bear with me. You’ve been warned.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’ve written about it before, but the importance of being consistent is pretty much always 80% of the battle. We all know this; well, if you read this website then you’re aware.

There’s a lot of talented individuals on the planet and they’re all hungry to make it in the same way that you are.

They want what you want and they will probably be better than you.

I’ve met people who are infinitely smarter and more talented than me, but yet, I know that there’s a good chance they won’t exceed their goals just because they’re not working enough on their craft.

However, where you can beat your competition is when it comes to straight up work-ethic, consistency, and perseverance. 

It’s my honest opinion that you need to be working 2-4 hours per day on your craft to get at it. 

Do you want to be good at something?

If you do, then you should be working at it every single day for the mentioned amount of time. If you’re not spending that amount of time, then you mustn’t want it.

If you’re a guitar player; you want to be playing guitar around 3 hours every time you sit down.

If you’re trying to have the best body around; you need to be in the gym for an hour every day, and then away from your equipment you should be working on your diet.

Right now, my diet is superb. I’m eating the healthiest of my life.

I don’t fuck with any added sugars, unnecessary fruits, grains, pasta’s, simple carbohydrates, or junk food on any level, and my physique is starting to show it.

The funny thing is that I didn’t even take a hit of my strength in the gym, which is what all of the training and nutrition blogs will tell you.

This is serious shit; if you want something badly you have to have the lifestyle.

If you’re serious about achieving something, whatever it is, you have to make it your life!

It has to be something you live and breathe every day.

You can’t half-step it. It’s all in or “go fuck your motha'” in the words of the great comic, Joey Diaz.

I’m serious. I’m serious about this shit and you should be too.



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