Being Average Sucks

The title seems to be unrelated to the content, and I apologize for that. However, the title is related to the content if you really think about it. To be an average person means essentially, that you're a busted dude, and busted dudes are desperate. There's an old saying, "A single pussy hair can pull... Continue Reading →

Thanks, ​A Lot!

Today, I got more views in one day than the whole month of June and July combined. I just want to say thank you to anyone who comes to read my content!    

The Spanish Girl

A few weeks ago, I got a girl's number from a place, but I forget where exactly. Either way, I was happy about meeting her. She had a really pretty face, brunette, with brown eyes; very latina looking.  The day we were scheduled to hang out, I was busy all day writing articles and making... Continue Reading →

Why Does Kylie Jenner Never Smile?

As a part of my job writing for an entertainment news website, I have to look at a lot of celebrities and anything related to popular culture icons, including presidents, celebs, actors, actresses, musicians, or any one who is a public figure essentially. Anytime I visit another website, I see pictures of Kylie Jenner everywhere.... Continue Reading →

Last Night I Was With A Persian Girl

A couple of weeks ago, I was at work at the club. That night, there was a private event so the place was packed. Normally, It's my job to bring clients into the venue. However, I was working the door which I often hate. The building is a three-story-complex; there's a big stairwell from downstairs... Continue Reading →

Maybe I Shouldn’t Judge People

I've learned a lot over the past few years. I remember when I first left my small-ass-town in the middle of nowhere, I held the entire village with contempt. I hated it when I left. I hated the people, the environment, the lack of "intellectuals" and "artists," (Ya, that's how I thought at the time;... Continue Reading →

Working Out Is Rad

I was going to begin by writing how underrated working out and exercise is for making yourself and your life better. But that's stupid. Everyone at this point knows the importance of exercise and health in terms of your overall lifestyle as well as your mental health. It's no secret. However, it's nearly impossible to... Continue Reading →

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